Flake System Floor Coatings

  • The Flake Process is the most popular Floor Shield installation. We have 10 beautiful set options or we can customize any combination you want to get your desired look.

    The Floor Shield Coating system consists of 3 layers for extra durability.  The flake system is a popular non-slip option for garage floors, schools, locker rooms, and  showrooms.  Made of 100% polyaspartic solids, it provides superior durability, plus chemical and abrasion resistance and UV stability.  It won't fade like epoxy floors. 

    You will love your Floor Shield Flake Coated Floor!

2-Coat High-Build Color Flakes System

Floor Shield 2 coat color flake system

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Floor Shield Color Flake Blend Samples

Yosemite color flake blend
California Gray Flake
Glacier Flake
Glacier Flake
Northwest Gray Flake
Northwest Gray
Folsom Flake
Folsom Flake
Midnight Gray Flake
Midnight Gray Flake
Denali Flake
Denali Flake
Obispo Flake
Carlsbad color flake blend
Sequoia Flake

4X More Durable Than Epoxies

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Resistant to

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Color Resists Fading
or Yellowing

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