Color Charts & Samples

Floor Shield Polyaspartic Colors

Your new polyaspartic Floor Shield surface can be a blend in of your current space or a completely eye popping transformation.  Floor Shield can be formulated in a variety of colors.  You pick from multiple colors and have Floor Shield Northwest create a unique design and add safety elements.

When it's completed, a solid color Floor Shield floor is bright, glossy, and has a slight texture to it.  The floor will retain its appearance—won't yellow or fade over the years or fade from exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight like epoxy flooring does.

Floor Shield Color Flake Blend Samples

Yosemite color flake blend
California Gray Flake
Glacier Flake
Glacier Flake
Northwest Gray Flake
Northwest Gray
Folsom Flake
Folsom Flake
Midnight Gray Flake
Midnight Gray Flake
Denali Flake
Denali Flake
Obispo Flake
Carlsbad color flake blend
Sequoia Flake

Floor Shield Base Coat Color Samples

Dolphin Grey color swatch
Dolphin Grey
Sand Beige color swatch
Sand Beige
Mocha color swatch
White Night Grey color swatch
White Night Grey

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